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Morning service

Song of Preparation: Psalm 48:1-3
Call to Worship:*
Communal Votum:* “Our help is in the name of
the LORD, who made heaven and earth. Amen.”
Congregational Singing: Psalm 48:4*
Ten Words & Assurance of Pardon
Congregational Singing: Hymn 36:1-4
Reading of Scripture: Nehemiah 12:44 - 13:31
Congregational Singing: Psalm 147:1,4,6
Reading of Text: Nehemiah 12:44 - 13:31
Ministry of the Word:
Working on the Broken Church: Always Reforming
1. With Discernment
2. With Discipline
3. With Dedication

Congregational Singing: Psalm 122:1-3*
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Offertory: Ministry of Mercy
Congregational Singing: Hymn 85:1-3*
Benediction:* (with communal “Amen”)

Earlier Event: March 17
Afternoon service
Later Event: March 24
Afternoon service