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This Week's Liturgy

February 18, 2018    

9:30 am     Reader:   P. Engbers

Song of Preparation: Ps 145:1
Sing: Ps 25:2, 4
Ten Words and Assurance of Pardon
Sing: Ps 145:3, 4
Prayer of Confession, Renewal, Illumination
Reading: Mark 1:1-28
Sing: Ps 119:60, 63
Text  Mark 1:14-20
The Lord Jesus calls disciples to follow him: 
the good news before this call
the hard work with this call
the immediate answer to this call
Sing: Hymn 56:1-4
Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession
Sing: Hymn 84:1, 2

3:00 p. m.     Reader:   J. Pieterman

Song of Preparation: Psalm 95:1
Sing: Psalm 24:1-5
Prayer for Illumination
Read: Leviticus 24: 10-16 1 Timothy 1
Sing: Hymn 11:1,2,4
Text: Lord’s Day 36
The life of true repentance includes obedience of the Third Commandment. 
   1. Crucifying the old nature by not blaspheming or abusing God’s Name. 
   2. Living out of our union with Christ by using the Holy Name of God rightly
Sing: Psalm 99:1-6
Profession of Faith: Hymn 2
Prayer for the needs of Christendom
Sing: Hymn 4:1-3