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This Week's Liturgy

May 20, 2018     

9:30 a.m.    Elder P. Engbers

Song of Preparation: Psalm 118:1
Sing: Psalm 42:1,5
The Ten Words and Assurance of Pardon
Sing: Psalm 63:1,2
Prayer of Confession, Renewal, Illumination
Reading: John 4:5-14 and 7:1-39
Sing: Psalm 107:13,14,17
Text: John 7:37-39
Theme: Through Christ’s Spirit, living waters flow from those who believe
1) Christ’s invitation to drink
2) The Spirit’s supply of water
3) The believer’s current of life

Sing: Hymn 47:1,2
Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession
Sing: Hymn 73:1,2,4

3:00 p.m.    Elder B. Lanting  

Song of Preparation: Palm 130:2,4
Sing: Hymn 4:1-3
Prayer for Illumination
Read: 1 Thessalonians 4
Sing: Psalm 85:1-4
Text: Lord’s Day 41
Theme: Chastity is God’s good will for our lives
Sing: Psalm 119:34,35,36
Profession of Faith: Hymn 2
Prayer for needs of Christendom
Sing: Psalm 81:1-3