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Morning service

Song of Preparation: Hymn 67:1,6,7
Call to Worship
Communal Votum
Congregational Singing: Psalm 122:1,3
Ten Words & Assurance of Pardon
Congregational Singing: Psalm 86:2,4
Reading of Scripture: Matthew 7:13-29
2 Peter 2
Congregational Singing: Hymn 51:1-3
Reading of Text: 2 Peter 2:1-3
Ministry of the Word:
Expect heresy…“there will be false teachers among you”
1. Recognising heresy
2. Wreckage caused by heresy
3. Responding to heresy
Congregational Singing: Hymn 52:1,3,5
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Congregational Singing: Psalm 147:1
Offertory: Christian Counselling Centre
Congregational Singing: Hymn 6:1,2

Earlier Event: August 26
Afternoon service
Later Event: September 2
Afternoon service