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Afternoon Service

Student   C. Swaving 

Song of Preparation: Psalm 117:1
Sing: Hymn 50:1-4
Prayer for Illumination
Read: Acts 10:34-11:18
Sing: Psalm 87:1-5
Text: Acts 10:44-48
Theme: The Holy Spirit incorporates the Gentiles into the church of Christ:
   1. The Gentiles are included by the outpouring of the Spirit
   2. The Jews are amazed at the inclusion of the Gentiles
   3. The Jews and Gentiles are united into one church

Sing: Hymn 47:1,2,5
Profession of Faith: Hymn 1
Prayer for needs of Christendom
Sing: Hymn 81:1,2,7

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Morning Service
Later Event: April 29
Morning Service