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Morning Service

Rev. G. Wieske

Song of Preparation: Hymn 32:1,4
Sing: Hymn 31:1,2
The Ten Words and Assurance of Pardon
Sing: Psalm 103:1,4
Prayer of Confession, Renewal, Illumination
Reading: Matthew 27:57-28:15
Sing: Psalm 2:1,2
Text: Matthew 27:62-66
Theme: The Lord employs Christ's enemies to demonstrate the reality of Easter!   We'll see that:
   1. In their evil conspiracy
   2. in their foolish request and
   3. in their desperate action.

Sing: Hymn 41:1-3
Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession
Sing: Psalm 27:2,6

Earlier Event: March 30
Later Event: April 1
Afternoon Service