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Morning service

Song of Preparation: Hymn 44:1,4,5
Call to Worship:*
Communal Votum:* “Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth. Amen.”
Congregational Singing: Psalm 46:1,2*
Ten Words & Assurance of Pardon
Congregational Singing: Psalm 28:1,3
Reading of Scripture: Jer. 4:5-22; Rom. 8:18-39
Congregational Singing: Psalm 74:1-3
Reading of Text: Jeremiah 4:23-28
Ministry of the Word:
God calls his people to behold the devastation of his judgment on sin.
1. it impacts all of creation
2. it is not yet complete
3. it is certain

Congregational Singing: Psalm 46:3,4,5*
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Congregational Singing Psalm 28:4,5
Offertory: Life Renewal
Congregational Singing: Hymn 67:1,3,6,7*
Benediction:* (with communal “Amen”)

Earlier Event: December 2
Afternoon service
Later Event: December 9
Afternoon service